I wish I could say that it isn’t in my nature to gloat, but today I must confess that I have a reason to be proud.

This is the last week of school in my school district, which means state tests are coming back in and students as well as teachers are sitting on the edge of their seats for that final bell to ring. I have hinted and winked at a program that I was able to help establish at my high school in which project-based learning is the constructivist base for the course’s approach to content and curriculum. One of the biggest concerns my students and their parents (and lets not forget myself) had was whether or not a PBL course could and would prepare students for state and national standardized tests. I received some confirmation on Monday that yes indeed it can.

Here is what we found out about our students taking the language arts End of Course Test (EOCT):

57 of our 68 students in the course received an ‘Exceeds’ (90 or above)

The lowest score was a 79% and the remaining students all were 80% or above.

Now that on its own is a very cool, but the coolest number is found when we compared our students numbers with the rest of our school… We discovered that in comparison to the rest of the school’s honors and gifted students, 3% more of ours students scored in the ‘Exceeds’ category. Not a huge number, but some great encouragement for our first year program!

We will have to wait until July to get our AP numbers back, but in the meantime I’d like to say at least one portion of our PBL course is a success.

PS – Part III of the ‘Whole New World‘ series will be out this weekend!

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