Unconventional Wisdom

I went out of town a few weeks ago and have spent the majority of this week catching up. Today I’m simply submitting to all of you willing to read a new poem I crafted about a week ago. I have a feeling it will make its way into my next collection I hope to put together. I’ll have another update soon. Enjoy!

Unconventional Wisdom

The ordinary is deceiving.
By its own nature, it tenders
a false sense of security
that there are no expectations,
no discovery, no passion, yet nothing–
is ordinary.

The events of this life we claim
to be normal and “on par”
do not tell the truth of the
nature of this universe as
much as we’d like to box and tape
and ship it as a package.

There is nothing common about
this. This moment is a component,
a vital piece to an intelligent
design. There is a tapestry being
woven at this intersection of thought,
ink, parchment and wonder.

There is no ordinary.
Just moments, developments in
the form of stepping stones
that light the path across the
dark, foreboding waters we try
to navigate alone.

But alone we slip
beneath the water’s surface,
and life is replaced with those
black waters. Yet there is hope
in the unseen. The truth that we
often evade.

The veracious nature of
existence is extraordinary,
uncommon, abnormal, and
bountiful if invited to
cultivate expectations, discovery,
and passion.

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