Simple Math (Google+)


This is onomatopoeia that is being heard around the world right now with the increasing popularity of Google’s attempt to usurp Facebook’s reign on social media, Google+. Okay, that is an exaggeration. I have plenty of friends who are excited about a new way to socialize online, but I had an article shared with me today from MSNBC’s Kurt Bakke who lambastes Google+ and what he considers to be a security nightmare. I have a real issue with the media when it shows one side of any given issue and claims it to be fact. In Bakke’s case, he asserts that Google+ has “…virtually nonexistent privacy on Google+.”  (You can see the article here.) I’m all for warning people of security risks that are involved in online social media; however, I am infuriated when media outlets purposefully inject fear into the general public, which is certainly the case here.

I just started using Google+ during its inaugural week, and what I was most impressed with at the get-go was the many privacy options I had at my disposal that Facebook doesn’t provide. If you haven’t gotten involved in Google+ yet, then you won’t recognize what I mean when I say ‘circles’. Basically, in G+, you can take your friends and categorize them into circles. From there, you can set what people see and what they don’t see including any posts you make, or messages you send. In fact, G+ offers you the ability to take charge of your privacy settings on every part of your profile and how you use it. Bakke cites Google’s terms of agreement as proof of the new social sites privacy issue; however, it is important for users everywhere to know that unless you specifically make yourself unsearchable as a Google user then people can find you, and at least you can change that whereas if you Google search someone normally what usually pops up first in many cases? Their Facebook profile.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Google and their products, but bias aside please take the time to look up the facts for yourself before you take a reporter’s word for it. It’s just simple math.

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