We Are the 93%

Although I do not agree with all his points, an administrator in my state submitted a short essay to our local paper’s education blog that states many of the same things I believe as an educator and as a PBL activist. Mr. Arnold has submitted essays many times in the past to this blog, but this particular one spoke to me; hence, why I share it here with you.

Here is an excerpt:

“At its inception, public education was never intended to educate all children and the model of standardized curricula, standardized testing, standardized attendance requirements and standardized teaching methodology does not serve to meet the personalization so desperately needed to overcome the effects of poverty and low expectations.

Academic success was a matter of temperament, birth, race and the chance that somewhere along the way those that fit the mold, followed directions, modeled good behavior and did their homework would find a teacher, usually in the lower elementary grades, that took a personal interest in their success and achievement. The prospect of attending college was limited to a very small percentage of primarily white males. The belief that all children could learn was non-existent, and would have been seen as a waste of time, effort and money.”

You can read the entire article here, and I strongly suggest you do: blog post.

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