Age is Just a Number

Below is a video of Thomas Suarez, a sixth grader from the South Bay area of Los Angeles, who has created several apps for Apple products. I’m sharing the video one, because how cool is it that an eleven year old is producing relevant digital products, and two, look how great he is at presenting on a large stage at such a young age! The video really does demonstrate what a child is capable of if nurtured and given the opportunity to create something they care about. The video is less than five minutes so please take a minute to watch Thomas in action. He is a great reminder of what project and problem based learning can accomplish. Given, he did this on his own with financial help from his parents, but the premise is all the same. I have current students who have developed apps for Apple products, but what matters most about that wonderful accomplishment is they were given the opportunity in a project-based, rigorous, academic classroom to make it.

(As a side note, I’ll actually be using this tomorrow to show some of our younger students a few tips on presentation skills. Thomas isn’t perfect, but don’t you wish you could present like he can at that age?)


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