Project: Knowledge of the Garden – UPDATED

UPDATE (4/19): The garden is complete! Last weekend I spent a few hours with my students aiding them in completing a project they had passionately been pursuing for the last several month. Scentia Hortus, or Knowledge of the Garden as translated from Latin, will stand as an educational green space in Suwanee’s White Street Park. Click here for an article the Gwinnett Daily Post wrote about the project. Below is a great picture of the effort. It has been incredible to watch this project develop over time and come to life.

From (4/9): Here is the latest article highlighting a few of my students recent work on finishing an ongoing project at a local park. I couldn’t be prouder of the work they have done and the follow through they’ve shown throughout the, at times, arduous process of developing the project. Students developed an educational green space in the shape of a flat globe to demonstrate their knowledge of both human geography but various writing styles for language arts as well. Here is a snippet from one of our students, Katelyn, as quoted in the article on the reason the garden is shaped like a globe and what is included in the garden:

“Within the land of the globe, we will be placing day lilies and irises. A path made of river stone will be throughout the sea. We wrote plaques that will be bordering the continents and have information regarding topics such as environmental impact of the continent, techniques that environmental writers use to spread the environmental news, agricultural techniques, and even some of the national flowers of the areas,” she continued. “There are 10 plaques bordering the continents with this information, and there are three plaques stationed at the garden entrances that detail the agricultural revolutions.”

If you live in the Suwanee area, take the time to go by and see their work at White Street Park! Yet another great example of how PBL revolutionizes education for this generation of students.

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