Living in 3D

This past week I had a group of students to give The Studio’s first 3D presentation ever. How cool?!

Given, it was old-school traditional 3D using classic red and blue plastic lenses, but the result was nothing short of very cool nonetheless. Without any prompting of my own, these students took it upon themselves to learn how to generate 3D images and animations for their product and their presentation. The day of the presentation was very cool too. All the students in the room received a pair of 3D glasses to watch the presentation with, and it might be the most attentive I’ve ever seen our sophomore group this year.

The product itself is a physical interactive timeline. (That’s right. It’s not digital. It exists to see and touch!) About the size of a traditional classroom bulletin board, the timeline is a combination of regular images and 3D images that are all tagged with QR (Quick Response) or AR (Augmented Reality) codes.  (If you’re unfamiliar with QR and AR codes, they are simply those square bar code-looking images that you see on advertisements that when scanned from a phone take you to more information.) Once scanned they either present a 3D augmented image or they take you to a webpage with research on the subject of the image. The result was something just plain cool, engaging, and interesting in almost every way. The students who constructed the project will present it, 3D presentation and all, to the community next Tuesday at the expo.

If you’d like, try scanning the code below and see what you get. If for any reason the code doesn’t work for you, then you can always go here to see the vast amount of research they’ve done.

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