Google Strikes Again!

For Google Doc (now Google Drive) lovers like myself, you’ve probably already heard the news, but for the rest of you I wanted to share the newest post on the Google Docs Blog.

Google has introduced a new window connected to docs that is meant to help with research. Now be forewarned, I have not tested this new feature; I have only encountered it and read about it. It excites me and concerns me due to the prospects of how it could help or hinder my students. I’m excited that something so accessible could help students get into immediate research while writing up research proposals or papers, but I stay cautious knowing all too well that many students rely far too heavily on Google as a primary source of information gathering. (Great starting place; poor place to bet all your chips for your work.) As with anything, if you work constantly to get students to understand how Google, or Wikipedia for that matter, is a good starting place but isn’t a final destination for knowledge, then you could use this new feature to powerful new results.

I’m a huge Google fan and supporter, and this little innovation will only (hopefully) increase the productivity of my PBL students moving forward.

Read about yourself HERE.

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