Things to Come

This upcoming school year will bring new challenges and some exciting new puzzle pieces along with it. I’m always thankful for a transitional summer to re-steady my mind and take a deep breath before diving into another year, but I can’t help but be energized already about this upcoming year. I try to stay thankful that in a time when many teachers feel less rewarded by their efforts that I am doing something that I love and feel is making a critical difference in public schools.

Here are few updates coming down the pipeline this upcoming fall:

– It has been a long wait, but my first time contributing to a collegiate textbook will be realized in October. (Originally, it was supposed to be this summer. Gotta love publisher speed.) It is a minor portion but it thrills me that a few former professors of mine think highly enough of me to contribute.

– After an awesome two days powwowing with some fellow PBLers along with Suzie Boss and Jane Krauss, I’m excited to announce that I plan on applying to speak at next year’s ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) conference in San Antonio! Jane will be helping me through the process, so I stay hopeful that what I’ve been so excited about the last two years will be shared with a wider audience next summer.

– BYOD or BYOT… With our communities awesome support this next year may very well be the year that my school opens up wifi for students use this year ensuring that students can bring their own devices/technology to our classrooms. This is a revolutionary step for my system and for our school. Specifically it is a game changer for the Studio classroom, but if embraced, the entire school could really benefit from getting students logged into our system. Like any new technology introduced there are hazards and precautions to consider, but overall this will allow for high productivity for most students.

– Year 3 of The Studio… It is a victory in itself that we are moving into our third year of the PBL experience. I’m most excited about bringing more teachers into the fold and adding the collaboration effort. With the blessings of our administration, we’re taking PBL a step further in our community and school. That is certainly something to celebrate and be excited about.

There is much to be excited about, but I know that there are still great challenges ahead. I look forward to meeting them.

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