The Great Charter School Debate: Part 1

In November, Georgians will have an opportunity to vote on a constitutional amendment that would allow the state to approve Charter schools any where in the state of Georgia. Currently, local school systems in Georgia control the creation and operation of charter schools. Over the next two months leading up to the November vote, I will chronicle my views as well as the facts of the case over the Charter school debate. To be clear, I am not anti-charter; I am anti-state implemented charter. We have a handful of good charters in the state now, but they are locally controlled and are held to the same standards as all schools in their particular county. The video below is a scary example of a reality we may face here in Georgia if our state becomes the final say on charter school approval. In my next post, I’ll layout what a charter school is by definition, and what makes them work and what makes them no better than our current public schools.


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