A Moment to Brag

There are a few times in your life I feel you have a right to dote on yourself a little bit. Today is one of those moments. I knew about this a good while ago, but it has just recently come to fruition. About a year ago I was asked by a former undergraduate professor of mine to contribute a short essay to the latest edition of a textbook called Inside Out he was helping to reformat. It was an honor to be asked. I was able to contribute a small piece on writing across the curriculum in the ‘Conversations with Teachers’ section of the text. The textbook itself is about helping future English teachers how to approach teaching future students how to write. In fact, I have an earlier edition of the book from when I took the course that I still reference today in my own classes. In any case, thanks to my colleague and fellow PBLer Colette Grodzicki, who is also part of the project, I was able to see the finished product for the first time! Below is a small image of the cover and a page opened to my contribution. Thanks for dealing with my self promotion and indulgence, but I must saw it is pretty cool to say you’ve been published in a collegiate textbook!


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