It’s Official…

About a week and half ago I learned that the Studio program has been given full clearance and permission to move forward with our internship program for our senior level of our PBL course. This is extremely exciting news!

Thanks in large part to the hard work and dedication to the program from our administration, we were able to fight for the viability of the course and offer it next year for our current Studio III students (Juniors). The goal of the internship is allow students to gain real-world experience working in a field of their interest, while helping that business or group accomplish some kind of important goal each semester. The idea is that in the two to three years a student has been a part of the program he or she has become well equipped with various soft skills, tech skills, and problem solving skills that make him or her a valuable intern candidate.

Students who have been in the program since its inception have three years worth of projects that can be used during an interview to demonstrate skill level via their project portfolios. Once a student as acquired a position, he or she will be tasked with completing not only specific tasks the company requests, but also two large scale projects that aides the company in a tangible way.

The hope is that this internship experience will give our students a competitive advantage going into college and seeking future internships or careers. Students will forever have this experience on their resumes during the early part of their adult life to help them with the challenges they will face both in college and the job market.

I’m absolutely thrilled at the prospect of this program coming full circle and the vision coming to fruition. I’ll keep you updated on how it moves forward in the next year. In the meantime, we’ll count this approval as a small victory on the larger path to changing some of the public school paradigm.


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