Worth Checking Out: DRAFT

I discovered this webtool thanks to my handy subscription to a Diigo bookmark group–‘Web 2.0’. There are many times I’ll blatantly ignore my weekly emails of what is shared with the group’s members, but for whatever reason this past week I chose to pause and click on the link simply labeled ‘DRAFT’.

What I discovered was a tool that, if it delivers on what it says it can, will potentially change student and personal drafting forever. When you first explore the site, it doesn’t come across as anything all that outstanding. The simple landing page is clean and simple and doesn’t reveal much to a passerby; however, if a web wanderer were to click on the ‘Features’ link at the bottom and scroll through the exposition, the wanderer would discover that there is one particular feature that separates this tool from all others–free, insightful copyediting. Why is this so big?

Students often times lose grasp–or never grasp it at all–of their audience, whom they’re writing for. I can’t blame them. When your primary, tangible audience is your teacher, well, lets just say it gets old fast. DRAFT provides a new audience and one that can actually help guide a student’s writing with advice that reaches beyond the often times limited feedback a teacher can provide. The program also easily uploads your documents from just about any source–Google Drive, Evernote, MS Word, etc. It claims to allow a user to easily navigate drafts, suggested editing, and decision making. Honestly, it almost sounds too good to be true!

So here is my caveat–I haven’t used it yet. I honestly don’t know how well it works, but my interest is highly piqued. I plan to use it personally before introducing it to students. When I do I’ll report back and let you all know what I found out, or you can find out for yourself of course by clicking here: DRAFT.

If you’re as interested in this as I am, you can follow both the program and its creator on twitter: @natekontny http://ninjasandrobots.com/

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