4th Annual Fall Expo


Freshman and sophomore students in our Studio program at NGHS gathered for our annual expo event. (December 10, 2013)

Last night we celebrated our 4th Studio Expo event with our freshmen (Studio I) and sophomore (Studio II) students, and needless to say the event was wonderful!

Despite the walls I hit at time throughout a semester–when I’m weary, stressed, or even befuddled–the expo at the end of the semester is an important reminder for me how amazing my students and the work they’re doing really is. The moment those students dress up, set up, and present their projects and products I get a surge of adrenaline that re-energizes my passion for student autonomy, agency, and creativity. There is always a steep learning curve with our Studio groups as they adjust to a different way of learning and responding to a different way of thinking of class, but when our students embrace the doors open to them, they often times bust them apart!

Last night was no exception. Both groups did a phenomenal job representing themselves, the program, and the school, and I couldn’t be prouder of their efforts. Students really showed off last night, and it might have been our most effective and engaging expo yet. Students presented everything from video games incorporating human geography and current events to social movements meant to bring the abolishment of stereotypes to light to engaging learning systems using storytelling and choice to generate interest to using the Kinect to demonstrate an interactive adventure with Google Earth. The results were stunning.

This is always my favorite way of ending a semester because it always energizes me for the next semester. Cheers!

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