A New Look and a New Year


I decided as a new year full of new happenings begins that one of those said happenings would be a remodeled look to the blog—well, what do you think?I’m a fan of the simplicity and how clean it looks.

There are a few items worth noting going into this new year. As promised in the last post of 2013, I will have a few students writing op-eds on their experience in my PBL classroom. I’m hoping to start posting those by mid-month. I’m looking forward to sharing their insights with you all. I’ll also be wrapping up my pilot study; I imagine I’ll have plenty to reflect on the process as well as entertain the process of analyzing data. (I assume there will be some pain involved in this, but I’m hopeful that by going through it now, it will be much less painful come dissertation time.) Also as promised, I’ll be sharing some of my changes in practice starting with my next post.

Finally, one event I’m looking forward to already this year is presenting with a cohort member of mine at GCTE (Georgia Council of Teachers of English) in Callaway Gardens in February. We’ll be presenting a different way of approaching a novella in the classroom, and specifically how those traditionally labeled as gifted students can increase their agency and depth of thought when exploring literature. Although pinpointed for higher-order thinkers, we hope what we present can be seen as adaptable for almost any high school English classroom.

Here’s to a new and exciting year! Cheers!

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