Presenting at GCTE: A Preview


February 7th and 8th in Callaway Gardens is this year’s GCTE (Georgia Council of Teachers of English) conference “Sore to the Core” (don’t love the theme, but c’est la vie), and this year me and my compatriot, Nick Thompson from Lassiter High School, will be presenting.

We’ll be presenting on Friday, February 7th during Session A (8:30-9:30AM) in room 105. If you’re headed there, we hope to see you! Below is our sessions info:

Title: Unleashing Student Interpretive Authority: An Abbreviated Novella Study

Abstract: The session will help you give students interpretive authority in literature through an abbreviated student-paced novella study, which develops skills in interpretation, annotation, argumentation, test preparation, and reflection.

Interested? We hope so! I’ll be posting a more detailed explanation of a study I implemented with my students this past semester as part of my changes in practice so be on the look out for that, especially if you know GCTE isn’t part of your agenda this year. Just as the title and abstract suggest the idea behind the presentation is to help teachers give students more authority and responsibility in their literature study in an environment that helps them increase evermore important skills for the ELA classroom and beyond. I was pleased with the results I got from my own students, so I hope assisting others in how they could do something similar in the classroom is exciting.



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