See You @ GCTE!

3I’m excited to be heading down to Callaway Gardens this afternoon for this year’s GCTE (Georgia Council Teachers of English) conference. I’ll be presenting with my fellow doctoral student and friend, Nick Thompson of Lassiter High School. I’ve never been to the conference; although, I have been a member before. If you care to, read on to find out more about what we’re presenting Friday morning!

Here is our session’s basic information in case you’ll be down there:

Title: Unleashing Student Interpretive Authority: An Abbreviated Novella Study
Date: Friday, February 7th
Time: Session A 8:30am
Room: 105

Essentially, Nick and I are joining forces to discuss our experience with allowing students much more authority in how they approach a novel study. We’ll be presenting our process for how we did it, provide resources for attendees as well as have candid conversation about what it might look like in someone else’s classroom. By allowing students the ability to create their own reading schedule, quiz date, and discussion sessions, they get a chance to take more ownership of the experience as well as earn valuable soft skills in the process. Our lessons culminate in students developing either an argumentative essay or literary analysis piece. In our session we’ll discuss how students are challenged–and rewarded–through the process of working in dynamic groups through the entire reading and assessment process!

I’m excited to be presenting again. I had a blast at NCTE in Boston and GACTE this past July. Safe travels to all who may be going, and I look forward to new conversations with old friends and new acquaintances. Cheers!

FYI, my Inner Voices series took a hiatus this week. Hopefully next week I’ll have a new perspective to share!


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