Mood: Productive!


Something incredibly unique to the South is our inability to handle snow and ice when it is unceremoniously thrown at us, but I don’t begrudge our government for not spending millions of dollars on an infrastructure that we only need once every other year if that. In any case, even as I write this, the ice and snow are starting to melt away before my very eyes. I tried to use the last three days at home to be productive.

My biggest accomplishments center on getting my doc work done earlier in the week than usual. I wish I could say I was a grading machine, but alas that has not been the case; although, I’ve already learned that we’re out yet again tomorrow, so I suppose that could be a good day to get some of that done. Otherwise, I’m most proud of getting my documentation in for fellowship scholarship I’m after this spring. It took two days of very concentrated work to get all my writing, transcripts, and developing my first curriculum vitae ever done, but it feels wonderful to know it is done. The unfortunate side effect is that I already feel anxious about getting an interview spot, and I won’t know if I get one until sometime after March 28th. That feels like a century from now. It’s stiff competition, but if I were to earn it, it completely rewrites the approach to the next few years.

Now I’m trying to be a good student and getting ahead on reading. So far that’s been trying, not because I’m not interested in the content, but rather I’m no different than my high school students in the sense that procrastination feels so good some times. That’s why I got so much of my doc work done early this week, right? To earn some “do whatever I feel like time such as taking random naps” time?


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