Rebels with a Cause: Google Hangout Broadcast–March 13!


Hello Folks! I’m excited today to announce a live event that will involve the my students showing off their zine work with the world. By the end of the week, I’ll share specific details and a URL to access the event. If you’re interested, spread the word and click to read more!

What: Rebels with a Cause Live Broadcast (Zine reveal and Q& A)

Where: The Internet! (We’ll be using Google Hangouts Broadcast for the event)

When: Thursday, March 13th at 12:50 PM and again at 1:55 PM
(Odd times I know, but it works out best for us. Each event will be roughly 40 minutes)

What You Can Expect: Students will be sharing and discussing their creations and zine products for anyone willing to listen and participate. You can expect kids to talk about the process, what they enjoyed, what they struggled with, and what the experience meant to them. We should have some time for Q & A as well.

Well folks, spread the word and stay tuned for more details as well as a URL that will give everyone access to the event. Cheers!

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