Rebels with a Cause: Student Zines Google Broadcast Update & Link

001If you’re connected to me via Google+, then you’ve already seen the invite to Google Hangout Broadcast my students and I are hosting on Thursday afternoon. If you’re not a Google+ kinda individual, which is understandable, click to read more about the event as well as find a link to the event itself. 

UPDATE: You can now watch the archived broadcast by clicking here!

Thursday is the big day! Here are the reminder details:
“This past fall, two of my classes celebrated alternatives of writing and communicating in our classroom by creating zines–DIY magazines that typically deal in alternative themes. In this session, my students will present their work, speak to their experience in creating and collaborating on their zines, and answer your questions! We’ll be live at 12:50 PM this day and again at 1:55 PM.”

The technology has been tested and appears to be working. Our broadband will probably be a bit slow since we’re broadcasting from the school. The only issue I’ve encountered is an inability to hear participants due to the omni-mic I’m using for the event. Even if this still ends up being the case on Thursday, we’ll have Chat open and live so you can ask students questions about their work or comment as they talk about what they’ve done. Rest assured you’ll actually see the zines as well as we’ll screencast their work as well.

Below I’ve embedded the YouTube connection, so you should be able to simply click on it at show time. But if for any reason you can’t access it by clicking the embedded video, then simply click this link instead: Rebels With a Cause Broadcast

If you can’t make the live broadcast–no worries–Google records it for us and posts it to YouTube to archive it! I’ll be sure to share the archive on here by Friday after the event. Looking forward to showing the world what students are capable of accomplishing when you tear down a few walls! Cheers!

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