Rebels with a Cause “ZineCast” Videos & Reflection

001Yesterday was the big day, and I’d say despite only having a handful of live viewers that it was a resounding success! The students seemed to enjoy the experience. Inside this post you’ll find both ‘zinecasts’ (as I’ve so coined them; wish I’d thought of it before the event!). The first cast is about 30 minutes while the other is just a bit longer. Sorry for the webcam resolution ahead of time, but what you really need to see–the zines themselves–are crystal clear! Read on…

Zinecast #1

Zinecast #2

Admittedly, I am the sentimental type, so when we wrapped up each broadcast, I couldn’t help but praise my students for their willingness to do something that seemed so unorthodox at first, to share their lives, and to go out on a limb when often times the classroom prefers for a student to stay in the lines. I’m excited to see what this all translates into when I start looking at all this data at a closer level. If anything, I know how the process felt, which isn’t scientific in the least, but what I observed yesterday and the months of it in the making was nothing short of powerful for me as a teacher and for many of my students, but don’t take my word for it–watch the videos and my students will tell you themselves!

PS – If you’re interested in how this all started, check out this first post here.

3 thoughts on “Rebels with a Cause “ZineCast” Videos & Reflection

  1. In re “live viewers”: In this day and age, it’s all about the ‘long tail’ – viewers (read: exposure, influence) over time. How many people find the videos after the fact? How many of those viewers are impacted by the content?

    “Live” = Only one heart-beat on the Internet. It’s the accumulation of ‘heart-beats’ over time that counts now.

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