A New Chapter is About to Begin


It is never easy to say goodbye to people that you love and have spent a portion of your life investing yourself in, but it is with an odd combination of sadness and hope that I relayed to my students this past week that I’m leaving my post at North.

While I am not at the point where I’m saying exactly what my plans are next year, I’m excited about the opportunities that have been afforded to me, and I’ll be keeping everyone posted on this new chapter in my life. I am certainly finishing my time at North this year, but as of the end of May, I’ll be making a big transition. My hope is this new chapter will afford me the ability to pursue some new avenues of understanding my own pedagogical philosophies as well as open up new possibilities of study as I continue to work through my doctoral studies.

What probably feels the most strange about this transition is the fate of programs like The Studio at this school. The possibilities are there; I sincerely hope others take the reigns of project-based and problem-based learning and utilize their functionality. As of now, there is a new program emerging called Connect that will begin with its first freshman class next year. With persistence it can become the next trailblazer for changing the way we teach day to day. The good news here too is that Studio will still continue next year in at least our sophomore form. From there it’ll be up to my current colleagues to determine what happens next.

So while I’m excited for this new phase of my life, it isn’t easy to leave a program I helped build from scratch.

I’ll keep everyone updated moving forward, but to those I’ve already talked to about this change, thank you for your encouragement and well-wishes!

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