A Call for Change


Inside this post you’ll find a plea from a few students who are currently in the project-based learning program I helped to start at my school. With the transition I’m making next year and having difficulty finding teachers who are willing to go the PBL route, the program will change drastically, including the continued moratorium of the junior level of the offered course. (You may recall that we didn’t have the junior level this year either in hopes of revamping it; well, that hasn’t quite happened.) The plea inside was sent to me in an email last night; the students intend to send it to anyone who is willing to listen. I thought I might try and amplify their voices. I share this also because it so well captures why I know what I’ve done for the last four years is right. Names and places have been removed for the protection of everyone.

Hello [redacted],

As you may already know, the Studio III program will be discontinued next year due to the lack of instructors willing to teach this course. [Redacted] and I, along with our peers, have been working towards finding personnel to help resume the Studio program. The Studio program has truly changed not only our perspective on education, but has also allowed us to differentiate ourselves and find our niche at {redacted]. Studio fosters essential problem-solving and technical skills that are more valuable than any memorization skills applied in other lecture based classes. In the past few years, students who have been a part of Studio for at least one year have been shown to develop into positive leaders across our community and school. In terms of academic growth, leadership involvement, and achievements, Studio is responsible for valedictorians, club presidents, and Governor Honors Program finalists.

After Studio III was canceled, [redacted] and I have been trying to find effective ways to restore our passion. We weren’t quite sure who we could talk to about possibly continuing the Studio program. We were wondering if you would have any contacts in mind that could help continue the Studio program. The Studio expo is next Monday, and we were hoping to invite certain contacts to whom we could showcase what students are capable of accomplishing through Studio. We also encourage that you come visit and observe. Please help us keep Studio running. Studio has become more than just a class; it’s become a new perspective that revives the joy of learning.

From [redacted] and [redacted], on behalf of the Studio program

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