New Beginnings: The Next Phase


As promised in my trading card post earlier this week, this post is dedicated to letting everyone in on what I’ll be up to next year. I said this in my first post about ‘new beginnings’ and I’ll say it again now–it’s never easy leaving people you love to work with or kids you love to teach. I will always have a deep, sincere love of North and how it fostered my growth as a professional educator. I owe my ability to take on next year’s challenge to my time at North and my colleagues here. Without them, this new adventure might not even be a possibility.

That being said, I’m excited to announce officially to anyone reading that I’ll be at Lanier High School next year. Geographically, Lanier is actually quite close to North, but it is a different culture, and that’s not to imply anything negative. I genuinely believe in what the administration and teachers are trying foster in their students there; otherwise, I wouldn’t be going. I’m getting the opportunity to help the school transition to an academy model where project-based learning is pervasive across the entire school. I’m hoping to use my time spent in a PBL model for the last four years to my advantage to help the school make the transition. I’m specifically helping by taking on the academy lead position for the Public Service and Leadership Academy within the school.


Click the image to find out more about the academies!

This is an opportunity I’m really looking forward to where I’ll take on a leadership role for the first time with fellow teachers. While I can never say never, I currently don’t foresee myself ever pursuing a position in administration, so the opportunity to be a teacher leader is exciting and will really stretch me personally. The challenge of leading a shared vision, supporting fellow teachers, and being voice for them and the academy is thrilling and a bit terrifying at the same time. Despite any uncertainties I may be feeling I think this is exactly the opportunity I’ve needed to push me forward in my own skill set, professionalism, scholarly pursuits, and pedagogy.

I’ll be sharing more about the adventure as it starts to develop over the summer. In the meantime, know that I’ve been in many meetings and have been in the thick of planning already for next year. The transition is a big one, not just for me, but for the school as well; it’ll take an entire school effort to pull it off and develop programs of worth that are effective and paradigm shifting.

Who knows exactly what challenges will come, but I’m ready to take them on and working with another set of awesome professionals at Lanier. I’ll miss my North family, but I would want them to know that I’ll be taking many of the lessons I learned there with me–lessons I know will help me make an impact that matters.

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