Summer Time & Moving Forward


This is part of Glenwood Canyon in Colorado. This is actually at the base of a hiking trail that leads up to Hanging Lake that my wife and I ventured 1,000 vertical feet together this past Tuesday.

I’ve had the privilege of spending this entire week in Vail, Colorado–to say the imagery out here is majestic is to use severe understatement. I have always wanted to spend time in this state, and it hasn’t disappointed me. However, by Sunday, it’ll be back to reality as I look forward to a summer full of doc classes and planning for a school year that is both exciting and sure to be full of challenges as well.

By the end of July, I’ll have the specialist portion of my degree, not quite a “all but dissertation” label, but getting closer. It’s amazing to me that every turn in my course work makes me have to reconsider what my research focus will be for my dissertation. While I still lean heavily toward studying writing and student engagement and agency in a qualitative study, I now have to consider studying the quantifiable impact of my county beginning this academy venture that I’m going to be a part in the process. It will probably be an issue of following my heart versus practicality. It’s too early to choose and I’m still too much of a novice to make a confident choice. I have no doubt this summer will continue to help me question and narrow down my focus.

When not in class, I’ll be focused on planning for next year’s classes and the academy I’m helping to lead. I’ll be teaching a computer course for the first time that I’ve taught non-traditionally in my earlier PBL work, but this will be a bit different as it will be a more official role and course; I’ll also be teaching 9th grade language arts, which has a special place in my heart. I’ll carve out time for some fun too, but this is a very important summer–one I’m looking forward to and that I’m a bit apprehensive about. I’m really testing my mettle in the coming month, and I won’t know how well I’ve done until probably the end of the fall semester. Still, I’m more excited than anything else–what an adventure it’ll be!

I’ll spend the coming month updating you all on my journey and hopefully dropping some useful nuggets of knowledge along the way that my fellow teachers can use. Here’s to an interesting, challenging, and extraordinary summer!

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