So I Took a Bit of a Hiatus


I’ve been upset with myself for not taking the time to sit down and write and reflect on the blog for the last several weeks. There were times I sat down intending to write, but I would quickly realize I wasn’t ready to write anything. I’ve been tired and stretched the last several weeks too, but in the best possible ways. To be completely transparent, there isn’t anything new or flashy about this post. In fact, it may end up reading more like a diary entry than anything resembling a professional teacher’s blog post. With warning given, I’ll try to update you all on some of what’s been moving and shaking in my professional life.

My time at my new school has been wonderful. My position as a teacher and a teacher leader is enthralling and terrifying at the same time. I have teachers on my team who inspire me, and I get excited knowing they’re supporting our efforts as we transition the way be teach and learn. What I at times fear is poorly communicating or not properly hearing a teacher on my team. We teachers can be a stubborn bunch, so being reflexive and willing to alter our comfortable routines isn’t always a strength we share. I know it’s taken me nearly seven years to get there, but I’m hoping I can lead by example.

As academy lead, what I’ve enjoyed most is getting deeply involved in various parts of the community. My Public Service and Leadership Academy encompasses so many areas of service in our culture; it has allowed me to involve myself with the school’s city, local leaders, law professionals, and many of our servicemen. I spent a good deal of time recently helping get my professional speaker series moving forward for my academy. Today saw my first speaker, Alan Morris of The Agapao Movement, come to our school to speak to students about building and maintaining a nonprofit organization. He did a fantastic job and we had a solid response from the student body. In an effort to help my fellow academies, I designed a speaker series poster for each one to help advertise our guest speakers. I’m hoping we can make this a big part of how we build our relationships with the community, professionals, and our students.



Simple–but pretty perfect I think.

My position has also given me the opportunity to get deeply involved with some of the city’s leadership initiatives, including the city’s youth city council. I’m also helping and connecting with some of our young men on campus along with a few other colleagues and one of our stellar counselors, Bobby Gueh, starting a distinguished gentlemen’s support group. I’m excited to help empower these young men.

My classroom has been interesting. There are days I feel I’ve come up with great planning, but there are a few where I’m wandering a bit as though my hopes to do something new and engaging aren’t resonating with my classroom. I’m glad I’m still trying. I’m trying to stretch my students and myself without breaking both of us!

My studies have been overwhelming at times, but that is almost a post for another day. I don’t mean to complain, but I’ve started running out of steam between starting at a new school and simply living life. I’m as motivated as ever, but I’m a bit slower on the draw, so to speak, in getting reading and writing done for my three courses this semester.

So there is my diary post. I hope it felt insightful. If anything, it felt good to write it.

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