Atlanta Zinefest 2015









I’m hoping to attend Atlanta Zinefest this year. It’s going on its third year, and I really think I would love the event. I’m also hoping this might be a way to connect my students to yet another legitimate audience.I’ve inquired into what student participation might look like, and while I’m hopeful, I’m bracing myself that they may not feel totally comfortable working with 15 year olds. Why not? I don’t know. The world of zines is the epitome of free speech, which means there are topics and themes that–as an educator–I must always be aware and weary of when looking out for the interests of minors and their parents. Again, I’m cautiously optimistic.

Here is some of the information you might be interested to know about the fest:

The Atlanta Zine Fest (AZF) is entering its third year. In 2014,we nearly doubled our attendees and vendors. We’ve received numerous accolades, including Creative Loafing’s Best of 2014 award and placement on The Guardian’s ‘Top ten galleries,art attractions and events in Atlanta.’ Murmur, our future umbrella non-profit organization, launched late last year. Our successes in supporting the production of DIY media are real and worth celebrating! As we continue this exciting trajectory, we are realizing the potential of AZF programming centered around a common theme. Specifically, in 2015 we will highlight girl/grrrl zines. AZF will reserve 50% of programming to celebrating, challenging, and queering this theme. The other half will be open-ended as in previous years.

The event is Saturday, July 18th at Eyedrum (88 Forsyth Street Atlanta, Ga 30303)

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