In Case You Missed It: Global Conversations in Doctoral Preparation Session


Last night I participated with a few of my good friends and colleagues to present on our experiences pursing our doctorates. Global Conversations in Doctoral Preparation is an internationally recognized web series that connects doctoral candidates around the globe. My friends, Kim Foster and Nick Thompson, and myself presented a session called: “From the Water Cooler to the Fire House: Teaching Our Way Through an English EdD.”

The session was almost unexpectedly wonderful. I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting, but the session was one of the more engaging conversations I’ve had over the web. I think I have an assumed bias toward face-to-face presentations having a higher potential to be memorable experiences; however, last night proved to me there is great potential in generating engaging conversations through webinars. I know I’ll be much more open to attending webinars in the future. We really had a blast presenting and interacting with the participants. I think the session may become an article for us as well.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in a candid discussion of what the pursuit has been like and why we choose either an EdD or PhD, then check out the video below. Please share!

Thank you to Dr. Peggy Albers and Tuba Angay-Crowder for the opportunity to be part of  the conversation!

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