The Insiders: A New Class Blog


I am particularly excited about today’s post. While I am still having students venture into the world of zines, I have also invited them to publish their work publicly on our class blog.

I have used many different platforms for blogs, but we (the class and I) decided to use tumblr, which should be the perfect choice for the various compositions my students will make throughout the year. We also decided to call the blog ‘The Insiders’. The name was coined by one of the young ladies in class, and students generally agreed to the idea. I think, and given I do not know this to be true, but I think this title will end up being meaningful. The blog is for them–not me. There is no direct grade attached to it either; although, some pieces that end up on the blog will be the result of work done in class as well. I think the blog will be their insider voice on all kinds of topics and experiences–which really excites me.

As of this very moment, there is but one post, but more will follow in the coming days and weeks. The first piece you will see is a memoir piece.

Without further ado, check out The Insiders for yourself:


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