New Publication in GCTE’s ‘Connections’


For those that following me on social media in any form, you may have already seen me post about this, BUT I wanted to document the accomplishment on the blog. I was thrilled to hear a few months ago that my two submissions to the fall edition of Georgia Council of Teachers of English (GCTE) Connections were selected for publication.

For author’s agreement purposes, I cannot post what I wrote for the journal, but I can tell you what they focus on and their titles.


It has long been a dream of mine to publish in a journal. Hopefully this is just the first dip into a larger pool.

My first submission was for a section they call ‘Facets,’ which is meant to draw attention to what teachers are doing in the classroom. My piece, “Our Dreams Deferred,” is a snapshot of an activity I often do with my ninth graders, involving reading Langston Hughes “Dream Deferred,” and using the poem to connect them to their own dreams. I have found the activity to be a very powerful avenue for developing empathy in students in the past.

The second submission was a poem I wrote earlier this year, “In the Foundation.” Originally, I dedicated the poem to my school’s freshmen class as I wrote it along with my students when I asked them to write poetry. It is a piece I’m fond of for its reflection on how high school can be a place to begin a flame in a student that can one day light the world.

In any case, it is cool to finally have a couple pieces in a real journal, albeit a local one. Next step–national journal!

In other news, I have brought back my Banksy and remix unit. I am excited to share some of these new pieces soon. I am trying to tie them into a stronger critical lens and pair it with some persuasive writing. I will keep you posted.

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