Live from NCTE ’15: Launching ‘The Bricoleurs’


Folks, this has been months in the making. I alluded to something very cool happening way back in August in hopes this venture would materialize a bit sooner, but as we all know, life gets in the way. Thankfully, the day has finally come to launch a new blog representing me and some of my closest colleagues as a collective of novice scholars and veteran teachers.

Friends, family, and colleagues I present to you–The Bricoleurs!

What started out as a bit of an inside joke among my doctoral cohort at Kennesaw State University has turned into our namesake as a collective of practitioner-researchers venturing through the last phases of our doctoral process. Bricolage is a term used to define a “construction or creation from a diverse range of available things” ( As Bricoleurs, we feel this is how we approach our research in our classrooms–especially in regard to issues of literacy practices, teacher professional development, and student and teacher identity and agency.

Anything we post on the blog will carry with it #bricoleurs, so feel free to join our conversations as they evolve. We honestly do not know what will come of this effort; we just feel strongly we have something to contribute to a wider audience of teachers and researchers in the field of English.

Posts will be slow to start–this is really a soft launch today. We will start posting regularly beginning in early January. For those who follow me here, I will certainly keep you updated.

Check it out our introductory post for yourself here: (save us as a bookmark!)

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