It’s Zine Season: Data Collection for the Dissertation is Underway


For the last few weeks I have begun collecting data on my students. Namely, I have been interviewing them. Yesterday was the first day I filmed the class as we ventured headlong into zine making territory!

I’ll keep my reflection pretty short today. First and foremost, tracking down freshmen to complete a preinterview is not easy! I have had to resolve to tracking them down in the mornings, lunches, and after school. They are always happy to do the interview, but they never remember to come when they agreed to. Lesson learned. Second, the cloud-based program I am using for my data analysis, Dedoose, struggles to take big files. This is a problem for my video files. I’m going to have to find a way to compress them to make them useful on Dedoose’s platform. Third, hearing clear audio from the camera will be hard at times. When I have the camera specifically on a group of students, I can hear each person clearly, but if capturing the class as a whole, making out specific voices is murkier. I will certainly learn some patience in this process. At least I’ve started! My only real concern right now is keeping up with my researcher’s journal. I have found it hard to have time to sit and write and reflect as much as I’d like already. I will have set an evening regiment, which is hard considering how worn out I am some evenings. “Toughen up, Jones!” is the voice I hear my head. A little further into the process, I’ll have more details to share.

In the meantime, check out some of the images I captured from students building mini-zines yesterday.

20160315_120745 20160315_120924



20160315_122132 20160315_122213 20160315_122713 20160315_122904











Most of the students appeared to really enjoy the process. Most worked diligently on their personal mini-zines for nearly an hour. An interesting theme that popped up at least four or five times were the zines dedicated to world travel. Several students expressed a desire to see the world or show off where they had been. Some really focused on their interests such as TV shows, school sports, and gaming. It’s too early to say what might come out of this, but when we meet tomorrow for class, students will share their mini-zines with one another. I’m looking forward to seeing how each student reacts to their peers’ work.

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