A New Year & A Leap Forward



Happy New Year y’all!

Between the holidays, time with family, and writing, I needed to be off the grid for a little while. A new semester has started and with it new adventures in teaching.

As the title suggests, there is a leap forward I am taking that makes this semester special–I am (hopefully) wrapping up my dissertation and graduating with my Ed.D. My first huge step was turning in my completed draft of the dissertation to my chair this past Sunday. The hope is I’ll be defending sometime in February, but we’ll see; timelines can be tricky. Still, I have every confidence I’ll wrap up my degree this year.

My unborn daughter will be here soon. My wife and I are waiting in great anticipation for her arrival! I’m pretty jazzed about becoming a dad for the first time. In the meantime, I have been working at my school to coach up and co-teach and co-plan with the teachers in my building before I am gone for a few weeks on paternity leave. Before the end of the semester, I hope to make an impact on at least three teachers’ classroom practices–specifically, getting them more comfortable with the weird space and messiness that is project-based learning.

My plan is to report, with their permission of course, their journey this semester. Most likely, those posts won’t come until the end of February, but it is an exciting reflective study on both myself as a teacher-leader and teachers growing the pedagogical knowledge and bandwidth.

In a post coming up soon (hopefully), I am going to map a recent project I completed with the Teaching as a Profession class. The purpose will be to show how a teacher can go from design to management to authentic audience for a PBL and how it cannot be done in silo. More soon!

I unfortunately do not have a language arts project to share from me this year as it is the first year in my ten years of teaching that I do not have an ELA class. This puts this blog in a weird place as it has always been more dedicated to ELA and PBL. Moving forward, the blog will most likely take up a much broader lens on PBL, curriculum, and the stories of teachers and students. My hope is this become a blog worth really sharing with others. While maybe less personal, the blog might at least become more accessible to those who are teaching, being taught, and supporting both (looking at you admins, media specialists, and counselors!).

Here’s to 2017!



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