Dissertation Defense Set

20150403_093151 (1)

On Monday, March 13 at 1PM, I will have an opportunity to defend my dissertation and begin putting the final touches on earning my doctoral degree in English Education. The last four years have been extraordinary. I have made close friends from my cohort and been given opportunities academically and professionally that have changed the course of my work and life forever. I am grateful to everyone who helped get me here and for all of those opportunities.

My study, Zine Culture: Identity & Agency Trajectories in an ELA Classroom, took over a year to prepare for with an additional year to collect and analyze data and to write my findings and conclusions. While the process was trying at times, I would not trade the experience for anything. I am a far better educator and human being for having ventured into the world of academia with the goal of impacting not only my practice, but the practice of other teachers as well. Eventually, I will share some of what I unpacked from my study and what I think it means for the English classroom. Until then, the focus of the blog will be on working with Ms. A and Ms. C in their science classrooms and project-based learning. Those posts are coming soon. In the meantime, supposing all goes well with my defense, I am very seriously considering the pursuit of turning my study into a book worth reading for fellow English teachers and literacy researchers.

We’ll see what happens. Thank you to any of you who follow the blog and have followed my journey. Hopefully there are more insights and getting dirty with pedagogical practice to come!

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