Student Voices: On Learning the Art of Teaching


Today’s post is a quick reflection of a student’s time in my Teaching as a Profession class this year. The student is a sophomore and is considering becoming a school counselor one day. I appreciate her taking the time to share a few quick thoughts on what she is taking away from her time in the class. COMING SOON: An update on Mrs. C’s oceanography project!

This year I have been involved in Dr. Jones’ Examining the Teaching Profession class. Throughout this year I have taken away many different experiences and have learned many knew things. One major focus I have learned was to appreciate teachers more. It was brought to my attention it takes a lot to become a teacher. You must be patient, kind, and must LOVE working with students. Many students and older adults do not realize the effort teachers put into there work everyday. During this class we talked a lot about educational philosophies. Dr. Jones has made a huge impression on my personal educational philosophy. I believe education is a social experience. From watching Dr. Jones and other teachers to learning about the many compromises it takes in this class I have seen that everything we learn as growing students come from our social experiences. Not everything we learn comes from the school building. Dr. Jones has helped me realize this fact a lot. There have been many fun activities we have done to gather the experience of the teaching experience. My favorite activity was when we created our own lesson plan. Although I did not like some of the short deadlines and frustration communication problems, it really opened my eyes on how we must be adaptive. This class is not just great for learning how to be a teacher but its great for every day life skills. Yes, we learn things to be a teacher but we end up learning the importance of communication between your peers, time management, and being considerate of others and showing appreciation. This class has helped me strive to do my best and be patient. Overall I am really glad I decided to take this class and I can’t wait to join the next level with Dr. Jones next year.

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