Student Voices: Intern Edition “The Benefits of WBL”

Student Voices

by Constance S.

“I’d say the real-world experience and accountability were large benefits of this program.”

It began with class enrollment for my senior year. The thought of “What in the world should I choose?” seemed to echo in my mind as I skimmed the list of courses. I pondered over them; would they be beneficial towards my life post-high school? None of them seemed to be what I was looking for. It wasn’t until I heard about an internship that I felt hopeful about my electives. If I didn’t make it in: fine. I’d just have to learn piano for my last year of high school.

Twelfth grade rolled around and I’d made it into the program. The first month was a long but encouraging series of didactic meetings. I wasn’t always a fan of them, but I knew they were for my own good, so I sucked it up. Our coordinator, Dr. Jones, was always encouraging and was an immense help with my search for employment for this program (considering my first option didn’t work out).

I’d say the real-world experience and accountability were large benefits of this program. Students were responsible for their attendance; it wasn’t roll call, but a system that allowed them to be held accountable, as it would be in a career scenario. Our performance at work affected our grade. Criticism was given to help better ourselves, rather than put students down.

At times it was difficult to complete WBL assignments with classes as well as a job, but the program came with very generous due dates and understanding. Just as well, these tasks were crafted in a way that would help us in our working journey, so they weren’t all that bad.

Overall, my Work-Based Learning experience has been very enlightening and pleasant.  I hope it remains in schools and raises a very successful generation of students. It would be nice to work with an intern at my own company someday.

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