An Era Comes to a Close: Saying Goodbye to The Art of Forgetting

I have recently come to the epiphany that the lifetime of this blog–one I enjoyed curating, sharing, and using to reflect on my own pedagogy–has come to a close.

That is hard to admit.

When I transitioned completely from the classroom, I told myself I would keep up with the blog and continue to use it to share stories from my experiences as well as those of other teachers. For awhile that worked. But then posts became fewer and further between to the point where I was lucky to post anything once a month. The reality is my change in focus of how I support teachers and schools has changed the perspective I have to share whether I wanted it to change or not. After some difficult internal monologuing and even posting on social media of my dilemma, I have concluded it is time to move on and close this chapter of my writing and teaching career.

So what’s next?

I’m not entirely sure, but I will definitely be focusing more on the Teacher Casebook project and while I will let go of the .com for this site, I’ll keep the wordpress site up others to happen upon or look up as they need/like. I’m sure I’ll put a portfolio out there somewhere too. The casebook, however, will be the primary focus where exploring podcasting is a strong possibility as well as blogging.

That said, thank you to everyone who has ever read the blog, commented on a post, shared it with others, but especially to those who either contributed to the blog personally or allowed me to write about them, their pedagogy, and classroom. You the real MVP!

This is not a goodbye, but simply a see you later.

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