My Dissertation Proposal Defense is Tuesday



Remarkably, I am not freaking out. I feel ready–mostly–but I have a sneaking premonition that there is no way I can be fully prepared for what my committee will ask me. While mostly calm, I do worry if I have read enough, or really my worst fear of being able to recall and synthesize what I have read to explain my position, my study, and why I am ready to move to the next phase of my journey–data collection. The proposal defense is essentially the defense of my first three chapters in their most current form–Introduction (What), Theoretical Framework (Why), and Methodology (How). (I feel strongly I will be making modifications to it after the defense). The defense is my opportunity to prove to myself and my committee that I am well-informed enough and well-read enough to take on data collection and the subsequent analysis of that data. Most hours I think I am ready, but every once in awhile an element of doubt creeps into my mind (Have I done enough? Do I know enough?). On the spectrum of excitement and anxiety, I am somewhere in the middle. If there is a word for that feeling, I need someone to fill me in because I do not know it. In any case, I will be sure let those of you following my adventure know how it goes. Hopefully, I will have good news Tuesday night. Cheers!

Happy New Year: An Update on My Insane Trip Through Dissertation Land


I want to begin today’s post by acknowledging that I should be working on my proposal for my study right now rather than writing this post. Now that I got that out of the way, let me explain why I am actively avoiding finishing my literature review. Continue reading

Live from NCTE ’15: Launching ‘The Bricoleurs’


Folks, this has been months in the making. I alluded to something very cool happening way back in August in hopes this venture would materialize a bit sooner, but as we all know, life gets in the way. Thankfully, the day has finally come to launch a new blog representing me and some of my closest colleagues as a collective of novice scholars and veteran teachers.

Friends, family, and colleagues I present to you–The Bricoleurs! Continue reading

New Publication in GCTE’s ‘Connections’


For those that following me on social media in any form, you may have already seen me post about this, BUT I wanted to document the accomplishment on the blog. I was thrilled to hear a few months ago that my two submissions to the fall edition of Georgia Council of Teachers of English (GCTE) Connections were selected for publication. Continue reading

Going to NCTE? Come Find Me!


Starting Thursday, I’ll be off to my second annual NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English) convention. This year is in Washington D.C. I’m headed back to speak to the results of my pilot study I conducted last fall and to get feedback on my pursuit of my final doctoral study that will be here before I realize it. I’m excited to be part of the adventure again this year; last year was an amazing opportunity to network and connect with teachers and scholars about the state of our classrooms and the state of English education.

Continue reading