Get Eclipsed… Totally: A Fun Video to Celebrate Friday & Next Week’s Eclipse

My district made the distinct decision to delay the release of all levels of schools for an hour this upcoming Monday to account for the once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse event. Our school was tasked with determining the best way to handle the logistics of the day, so we decided to make it as celebratory as possible. The rather silly video above was shown in our advisement time today, and it’s just too much fun not to share. The Film A/V students who filmed and edited the video did a great job and are each a testament to the growth of that program on our campus (we literally put this together yesterday!). Besides dealing with the terrible, cringe-worthy grammar on the eclipse glasses–they literally say ‘Get Eclipsed Totally’–the video was a blast to make.

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy having a laugh at me and a few colleagues’ expense.



I just lost a very dear friend of mine. I have had the pleasure of working with a young man named Andrew for the last year and a half in a local youth group. Andrew was a fellow leader, full of life, a true intellect, gentle and loving, and only 28 years old.

He will be dearly missed. This blog is not intended to parade my beliefs, but if you read this and you pray, please pray for Andrew’s family and his fiance.

Andrew I love you buddy. I will never forget your influence on my life.