New Projects

I am currently an instructional coach in the office of Academies and Career & Technical Education (CTE) for Gwinnett County Public Schools, serving to support improved teacher pedagogy with a strong focus on daily literacy in the CTE classroom.

Check out and to see the work I support.

2018 Conference Updates:

ACTE Conference — November 27-30, San Antonio, TX

NCTE Conference — November 14-18, Houston, TX

NCAC Conference — November 5-7, Houston, TX

P21 “Patterns of Innovation” Conference — March 28 & 29, Napa, CA

GCTE Conference — February 9 – 10, Athens, GA

2017 Updates:

Leading Students to Exit through the Gift Shop: Reading Banksy’s Public Art through Documentary Film and Director’s Cut–Fall 2017 Research

PBL from Teaching as a Profession Students: Future Teachers Helping Teachers
*Students in my Teaching as a Profession class created interdisciplinary lesson plans based on local standards and their understanding of developmental theory. The best lessons made it onto Teachers Pay Teachers.

JoLLE 2017 — February 3 – 5 Athens, GA
Presenting research on identity and agency in the ELA classroom using zines as a literacy tool.

Project-Based Learning publication in Sage Encycolpedia–March 2017

Graduating w/ Ed.D. in English Education–May 2017

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