The Teacher Casebook (and Other Projects)

The Teacher Casebook:
Teacher Stories Matter

The Teacher Casebook project officially launched in mid-January of 2019 and seeks to celebrate, promote, and advocate for teachers sharing their experiences with instruction and relationships.

Inspired by the work Shulman and Colbert (1988) conducted in the late 80s/early 90s, the Teacher Casebook seeks to build a repository of teachers’ stories that are concise, powerful narratives that are couched in current education research. Each case is limited to approximately 1,000 words and is identified as either an Instruction-Type Case (experiences related to lesson planning, classroom instruction, pedagogical moves) or Relationship-Type Case (experiences related to interactions with students, parents, colleagues, and communities at-large). T

he hope is to grow the project and push beyond language arts teacher contributions, creating a public, digital space for educators to seek out and share experiences connected to one another as we believe this some of the most powerful professional development educators can share with one another!

Shulman, J. H., Colbert, J. A., ERIC Clearinghouse on Teacher Education, W. D., Far West Lab. for Educational Research and Development, S. C., & ERIC Clearinghouse on Educational Management, E. O. (1988). The Intern Teacher Casebook.

Other Projects:
I am currently an instructional coach in the office of Academies and Career & Technical Education (CTE) for Gwinnett County Public Schools, serving to support improved teacher pedagogy with a strong focus on daily literacy in the CTE classroom.

Check out and to see the work I support.

2019 Research:

The Teacher Casebook (See Above!)

2019 Conference Updates:

GCTE Conference–February 8-9, Brasstown Bald, GA (Presenting)

JoLLE Conference–February 2-3, Athens, GA (Presenting)

2018 Conference Apparences:

ACTE Conference — November 27-30, San Antonio, TX

NCTE Conference — November 14-18, Houston, TX (Award Recipient)

NCAC Conference — November 5-7, Houston, TX

P21 “Patterns of Innovation” Conference — March 28 & 29, Napa, CA (Presenting)

GCTE Conference — February 9 – 10, Athens, GA (Presenting)

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