New Projects

I am currently an instructional coach in the office of Academies and Career & Technical Education (CTE) for Gwinnett County Public Schools, serving to support improved teacher pedagogy with a strong focus on daily literacy in the CTE classroom.

I was formally the Academy Coach at Lanier High School in Sugar Hill, GA, and I’ve spent most of my teaching career honing my teaching pedagogy. My love affair of project-based learning (PBL), participatory culture, the development of student agency, and multiliteracies began while teaching English language arts at North Gwinnett High School from 2007 to 2013. At Lanier I was able to help impart a vision for the school’s focus on academies while helping design and support further implementation of PBL in the school, which had already seen great success in that model through CDAT run by the peerless Mike Reilly.

I was also privileged enough to be asked to contribute to the newest edition of a collegiate textbook, Inside Out, which you can preview here.

Check out this is a big part of my work now as I partner with businesses and community members to build authentic learning opportunities for students.

2018 Updates:

GCTE Conference — February 9 – 10, Athens, GA

P21 “Patterns of Innovation” Conference — March 28 & 29, Napa, CA

Promoting Media Literacy through Peritextual Analysis in the Classroom chapter contribution–“Leading Students to Exit through the Gift Shop: Reading Banksy Public Art through Documentary Film and Director’s Cut” — Publish in late 2018

2017 Updates:

Leading Students to Exit through the Gift Shop: Reading Banksy’s Public Art through Documentary Film and Director’s Cut–Fall 2017 Research

PBL from Teaching as a Profession Students: Future Teachers Helping Teachers
*Students in my Teaching as a Profession class created interdisciplinary lesson plans based on local standards and their understanding of developmental theory. The best lessons made it onto Teachers Pay Teachers.

JoLLE 2017 — February 3 – 5 Athens, GA
Presenting research on identity and agency in the ELA classroom using zines as a literacy tool.

Project-Based Learning publication in Sage Encycolpedia–March 2017

Graduating w/ Ed.D. in English Education–May 2017

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