When Shaping a School Culture, Expect Difficulties and Delays


The title of today’s post sounds more ominous than I intend it to sound. Two full months into my school year has brought with them ups and downs but due to the unique position I find myself in this year, the downs seem a little lower and ups seem a bit higher. Here is what I will promise from today’s post–I will only spend a short paragraph about the difficulties and delays. Most of today’s post will concentrate on what my school has been up to help continue to shape the school culture in a way that better prepares students for life after high school. On a quick side note, I find out soon if I passed my comprehensive exams or not. When I find out, I’ll be posting my reflection on the whole process.

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My 9th First Week of School–The Good, The Better, and The Best


Almost a decade in and the first day of school is still always a little nerve racking. The nerves are built from adrenaline and excitement mostly. This year there is a bit more stress added due to changing my position and our school going through yet another round of changes. These changes, however, already feel pretty good.

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Shifting Roles: Pondering What’s Next/Reflecting on What’s Passed


First, I want to assure anyone still interested in the writing by design posts that the fourth installment will be posted sometime this summer. S and J are in summer mode, and I have class, but I promise we’ll get the last post up soon-ish.

Alright, onward.

This has been a year of even more change than I could have anticipated. Just over a year ago I announced my transition from the first high school I had ever taught at to another one across town in order to stretch myself as an educator. I had no way of knowing how much that decision would begin a domino effect that has shaped a career path I could not have predicted. While every year has its ups and downs, this was a year of blessings in many regards as well as one of great personal challenges. Continue reading