Get Your Air Horn Ready: Debate Is Now in Session

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by Dr. Kim Foster

“It. Was. Awesome.”

Let me paint a picture for you. It’s April. There are three weeks of school left for my senior students. To use one student’s exact words, he is beyond ready to “low-key get on up out of this building.” And I understand. I was a senior in high school once. I was a senior in college once. And I was 8 months pregnant defending my dissertation once. I get it. They want to be done, and I want that for them. They have earned it! However, we have three weeks left together, and I want these weeks to be meaningful. So, as I have for the past three years with seniors, we do a debate unit at the end of the year. “Arguing” with one another keeps them highly engaged. They want to win. They want to be right. Continue reading

Teaching Argument Through Debate and Romeo & Juliet


GCTE was a blast! I am always glad I attend and present. I particularly enjoyed presenting with my buddy, Taylor Cross at Decatur High School. I met some really great teachers from all over the state again, and got some great takeaways that I’ll share later. Today’s post is really about combining argument with difficult literature. I’ll preface that I teach on an 85 minutes block and that my students are considered honors/gifted. Still, I was really excited to see how my recent lesson evolved and was taken up by my students. I’ll share some ways I’ll tweak it for the future too. Continue reading