Update on Mrs. C: An Interactive Museum Takes Shape

As promised, here is the latest on Mrs. C’s Oceanography project. You can see the initial start of the process here and here.  The first link talks about developing a PBL (project-based learning) toolbox and the second specifically talks about the beginning of Mrs. C’s project. Today’s post really reflects on the ebb and flow of PBL and how flexibility on the part of the teacher and student is a valuable attribute to successfully working through PBL. As I’ve stated before, PBL is messy as it reflects how projects in our life operate. This is especially true the first time we attempt a project that has foreign components to it. (I’m thinking about the process of me building an outdoor table for my deck at the moment–in the long run, it got done, but not without some headaches and learning along the way.) For Mrs. C, the combination of limited travel time, AP exams, and a few apathetic seniors definitely impacted her PBL–yet, the project is moving forward and there are some very cool installations coming together. Continue reading


Writing as Design Part II: The Prompt and an Evolution an Assignment


Part II is a look at the prompt I designed for my students and a look at its evolution in various stages of design as well as how a few of my students took up the assignment. You can visit part I here. Take a look inside to get some really interesting and profound reactions from two of my students, ‘S’ and ‘J’.  Continue reading

Writing as Design Part I: Revising Writing Instruction


As a disclaimer, much of this series of posts is inspired through my doctoral studies; specifically, the design approach I’ll be espousing is directly inspired by Dr. Ryan Rish–who I’ve cited many times on this blog–of Kennesaw State University.

Over the course of this school year, I have internally questioned my approach to writing instruciton continuously. The catalyst for my uncertainty presented itself unwittingly to me during last year’s summer courses. Continue reading