Teacher Innovation #7: “Flipgrid: A Tool to Nurture Your Classroom Ecospace”

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Post #7 comes from Deborah Aughey. Deborah is a doctoral candidate at Kennesaw State University and a cutting-edge, veteran ELA teacher who has quite literally traveled the world. We met as cohort mates at KSU in the summer of 2013. I consider her a good friend, and an innovative teacher, pushing her students to use the power of the mini-computers in their pockets to do productive and insightful work. When I asked Deborah to contribute to this series, she immediately jumped at the chance to write about Flipgrid. Never heard of it? Me either until about a month ago when Deborah introduced me to it. I am continually amazed at how Deborah is always on the cutting edge of EduTech and integrating it into her classroom nearly seamlessly. Today’s post is truly for anyone looking to inspire the growth of students’ reflexive skills using the technology our students know and love.

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by Deborah Aughey

Is your classroom a container? Or is it an ecoscape?

I’ve been thinking about these ideas ever since Dr. Ryan Rish, now of the University of Buffalo, posed these questions to my cadre of Ed.Specialist/Doctoral students at Kennesaw State University in the summer of 2013. Leander, Phillips, and Taylor (2010) challenged researchers and educators in The Changing Social Spaces of Learning: Mapping New Mobilities to provide a space, place, and attention to students’ contradictory practices of literacy and mobility. Continue reading