Starting Again: A New Year, A New School, A New Adventure, and a Few Icebreakers


Come Tuesday, my new adventure at a new school officially begins as students pour into my classroom at Lanier High School. Last spring I announced my intention to change schools and take a new position. I’ve spent the last five days preparing with my new colleagues for a new school year, and so far almost everything has been amazing. I’m working with some incredible educators and administrators, and there is a certain excitement in the air around the school’s upcoming focus on academies and project-based learning. Pedagogically, I couldn’t be happier about what this year could bring. I’m mindful, however, of what it will take from me personally to step up and take on not just the role of teacher of students but also a leader of fellow educators. Even beyond that, my work with our local community will be critical to the growth and sustainability of my academy. I’m excited. This year will test my mettle and at times my resolve. I can already see, though, that I have people to lean on who are just as excited as I am. Inside today’s post, I’m simply going over what I’m using for my first day icebreakers as well as inform you, my reader, of what my academy is looking for since I’m hoping someone out there might have some great connections I could connect with this year. Continue reading