Trading Cards: Part III

Inside this post, I’ve videoed one round of the trading card game I adapted. You can see the set up to all of this in parts I and II linked here and here, respectively. I had a colleague request I film one of the rounds so they could see it, so you all reap the benefits as originally I hadn’t intended on filming any of it. Hopefully this sparks some ideas for you as well going into next year. The website I used to create the cards can be found here. Read on to see the video! Continue reading

Trading Cards: Part II


So this past Thursday I had my kids take our character card game to the next level and actually play the game. You can read about my initial set up of the game here. I ended up filming the game as well, so I may upload that at sometime. In the meantime, I’ll do my best to explain the what went down. I will say at the end of the day, I think the kids had a great time and really enjoyed revisiting characters in such a unique way. Continue reading

Character Trading Cards: ‘Gotta Catch ‘Em All!’


Okay, okay–I can’t take any credit for this idea, but it was so awesome when I saw it and it’s been so awesome in my classroom that I have no choice but to share it with the world! I originally saw this great website and activity while visiting a professor of mine’s master’s course. I was there to present a little bit on my zine exploration this past year, but I was lucky enough to participate in the activity they were engaged in, which centered around making trading cards of various characters from three texts they had read. What ensued were fun, engaging, and difficult small group discussions about each major character from the stories in an effort to be ready to participate in some friendly competition using their self-generated trading cards. Continue reading

Rebels with a Cause: Google Hangout Broadcast–March 13!


Hello Folks! I’m excited today to announce a live event that will involve the my students showing off their zine work with the world. By the end of the week, I’ll share specific details and a URL to access the event. If you’re interested, spread the word and click to read more! Continue reading