Spring Break Reflections


It’s the eve of spring break and that always leaves me with a chance to pause and consider what the end of the year will bring. How quickly the year culminates after the break never ceases to amaze me honestly. Technically, what I lovingly refer to as ‘testing season’ has already started this past week, but it’ll hit its stride when we return–and from there it’s a snowball effect where before any of us know it, we’re celebrating graduation, heading out on vacation, and planning for next year. Continue reading

The Reality of Pushing Boundries


I had a rude awakening two days ago.

If you’ve been following me since last fall then you should be aware that I started a pilot study that used zines (DIY thematic magazines) as a way to try and study my students out-of-school literacies. (This focus has changed a bit since then, but that is a post for another day.) As my project draws to a close with my kids, I knew I would need approval from my administration to move forward with distributing (providing my kids with a real audience) the zines to the rest of the school. Continue reading

What I Think I Know Now


As I mentioned in my previous post, I had an amazing opportunity to sit down with Michael W. Smith of Temple University during my time at NCTE this past weekend. Dr. Smith was gracious enough to spend about an hour and a half of his time with me on Saturday to take a closer look at my current study, which you can read a little bit about here. Continue reading

Rebels With a Cause


The reason I’m going to NTCE next week is to present my initial findings as well as obtain advice on a pilot study I designed this summer and implemented starting last month in October.

The study centers around paying attention to the literacies (writing, communicating, media development) students naturally bring to the classroom but are not typically sanctioned by school practices. Continue reading