The Hiatus is Over: Update on All the Things


I suppose I should not be entirely assumptive that my posts were missed these last couple of months, but personally, I am happy to be writing on the blog again. In my first true post since taking a bit of break, I give insight into the continued dissertation process and insight into some of the ground swell of project-based learning at my school. If you read this blog or even just this post. Thanks–it means a lot. Continue reading

Coming Soon: An Afternoon with The Studio Squad


On Sunday, September 18 something very cool will happen. Seven years ago I started a project-based learning (PBL)classroom with my friend Nic Carroll we coined as The Studio. When I started this blog many years ago, much of my posts surrounded me blundering my way through teaching in an immersive PBL experience. I stayed mostly positive here, but there were very real struggles. What made building The Studio worth all the trial and error and ups and downs were the students who took the journey with us. In just over a week I get The chance to sit down with five students who started and finished the journey with me. They are all successful college students in their third year of university studies. We will broadcast live here on the blog at 4PM and reflect on their time in Studio and looking at their lives now. I truly do not know what they’ll say or how they’ll answer my questions, but my hope is this broadcast will provide powerful insight into how PBL as an instructional practice and teachers and students who take it up impact our lives experiences. As much as this is my seven year journey it is theirs as well. I hope people tune in to be part of the conversation. I promise it will be worth it!

Here’s a link to the broadcast on YouTube:

A Worthwhile Read: A Georgia Tech Student Reflects on #PBL and Internships

“[J]obs that teach you what you DON’T want to do are just as valuable as those that teach you what you DO want to do, just like classes that teach you what you DON’T want to study in college are just as valuable as those that DO. And this is perhaps the most important thing to remember.”

I really want to encourage anyone who sees this post to please share it. I have had the pleasure of knowing Ms. Sibilia since she was a freshman in high school and to watch her evolution from my PBL classroom to her current status as a junior at Georgia Tech has been one of the more rewarding aspects of my career. She has been kind enough to share her reflections in the past on my blog, but this post may best sum up the benefits and purpose of PBL longitudinally. I hope you enjoy reading what’s inside as much as I did. Continue reading