Summer Time & Moving Forward


This is part of Glenwood Canyon in Colorado. This is actually at the base of a hiking trail that leads up to Hanging Lake that my wife and I ventured 1,000 vertical feet together this past Tuesday.

I’ve had the privilege of spending this entire week in Vail, Colorado–to say the imagery out here is majestic is to use severe understatement. I have always wanted to spend time in this state, and it hasn’t disappointed me. However, by Sunday, it’ll be back to reality as I look forward to a summer full of doc classes and planning for a school year that is both exciting and sure to be full of challenges as well. Continue reading

Fit 4 You Learning


Fit 4 You Learning

What did you think?

Would you believe me if I told you that this isn’t a real company? It could be, couldn’t it? The truth is that this is an advertisement two students developed for their latest project where they researched various learning styles and how to incorporate them into various lesson plans that would be available as resources to teachers trying to teach parts of world history and Shakespeare. Epic right? My students blow me away.