Student Voices: On Learning the Art of Teaching


Today’s post is a quick reflection of a student’s time in my Teaching as a Profession class this year. The student is a sophomore and is considering becoming a school counselor one day. I appreciate her taking the time to share a few quick thoughts on what she is taking away from her time in the class. COMING SOON: An update on Mrs. C’s oceanography project! Continue reading

Early Reflection on 2015 ‘Oh and Star Wars Comes Out in Two days!’


Like today’s title? Well, I do, so I guess that’s all that counts. I actually see the Star Wars film tomorrow with my dad. I tend to get emotionally attached to imagery and symbols that evoke my childhood or at some point found residence in my soul. So seeing Star Wars almost a day ahead of many others and sitting next to my dad to experience it all together gives me all the feels. I have already consumed a few spoiler-free reviews and they only continue to pique my excitement. Anyway, in today’s post I reflect on quite a year with a look to 2016. Enjoy! Continue reading

Looking Back on Comps and Looking Forward toward a Prospectus


So comps happened. I passed. Passing feels awesome.

For anyone unsure, comps is short for comprehensive exams; they are a rite of passage for all doctoral students whereby a potential doctoral candidate must demonstrate both his or her theoretical and methodological knowledge. In other words, the exams are a proving ground. A student must prove he or she is ready for the dissertation phase of their program.

Thankfully, my committee believes I am. Inside today’s post is simple reflection on the process and what I have ahead of me.
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Previewing A New School Year and Something Extraordinary is Coming


I could not allow the month of July to lapse without posting at least one more time, especially considering I’ve only posted one other time this month!

The school year is fast approaching. For some of my educator friends, they are already wrapping up a week of pre-planning because the kiddos come into their schoolhouse next week. My pre-planning week starts Monday. Still, I’ve been at my school every day this week attending meetings, preparing lessons, and getting used to a whole new set of expectations this year.

After all, this year will be different. I will be balancing a new administrative role, teaching 9th grade language arts, taking my comprehensive exams, and writing a dissertation. While I certainly have those sudden feelings that I might be in over my head, I am more excited than any other feeling coursing through me. Inside today’s post, I look ahead to my new role and how I’m approaching my classroom as well as sharing a preview of something quite extraordinary forming this fall.

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Knee-Deep: A Final Reflection of Collaboratively Teaching Grad Students


The final week of summer semester draws to a close today and with it my time as a collaborative teacher, working alongside one of my professors for the last seven weeks. I have two previous reflections after week one and three you can check out here and here. I do not know why, but I have really enjoyed using the submerged-in-water metaphor. I feel it has served as a strong visual that compliments each stage I have experienced. Ultimately, I only ended up about knee-deep into the collegiate waters–a very safe depth. I almost chose hip-deep, but I do not feel that visual would be honest. When you’re waist-deep in the water, the chances that a current will come along and sweep your footing out from under you goes up exponentially. I never during my time this semester felt I could be suddenly without steady footing. My mentoring professor made sure of this; I was given flexibility and a safe place to interact in the university professor’s world sans the heaping responsibilities typically bestowed on a professor. I remain thankful for this. In the last two weeks I was allowed to teach one class entirely on my own and then get immediate feedback from the students on my performance. The experience certainly rubbed against my nerves, but I mostly looked forward to the opportunity. The feedback I received came with mostly positive reinforcement and were constructive, while some of the feedback forced me to look in the mirror and recognize some areas of improvement. Inside today’s post, I reflect on this feedback as well as my final impressions of the experience and what it may mean for me professionally moving forward.

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